TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Operation and Maintenance for Printing, Plastics and Packaging Machinery for International standards

The economy of Trinidad and Tobago is heavily dependent on oil and gas which account for about 45% of GDP, 50% of the Government Revenue and 80% of exports, but only 5% of employment. The EU Assistance in the country aims at diversifying the economy and focused on boosting the country's non-energy industrial and service sectors, in particular by encouraging closer university-industry cooperation, providing assistance to small and micro sized enterprises, and stimulating export-oriented activities. The overall objective of the project is to build and maintain a cadre of qualified workers in the area of Operation and Maintenance of modern Printing, Plastics and Packaging Machinery for International standards and Printing, Plastics and Packaging for new and innovative packaging. This action aims to create a more competitive sector in the long term by having technically competent personnel that leads to greater efficiencies resulting in increased exports. 

Status M&E and Closed [ From 2017-04-27]
Region Caribbean
Project type National
Sector Strengthening Export-oriented services
Applicant UTT - The University of Trinidad and Tobago
TBT Programme, Avenue de Tervuren 32, box 31 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium - Tel: +32-2 739 00 00 - Fax: +32-2 739 00 09 - e-mail: -