CARIBBEAN EXPORT - Regional Market Access Capacity Building Programme – Food Safety

Caribbean Export has evolved over the past 20 years from an Implementing Management Unit of the CARICOM Regional Trade Development Programme (CRTDP) as established in 1988, to the CARICOM Export Development Project (CEDP), which in 1996 became the Caribbean Export Development Agency. The mandate of the organisation is to increase the competitiveness of the Caribbean countries by providing export development and investment promotion services through effective programme execution and strategic partnerships.

The objective of the current proposal is to strengthening the export capacity of 30 – 40 agro processing companies in 4 to 6 CARIFORUM countries with the emphasis on food safety as well as the capacity of the 20 services providers in the field of certification in the CARIFORUM member states.The following activities are foreseen:

  1. Training Needs Assessment of Quality Assurance Managers of agro processing companies and service providers in 4 to 6 member states – to investigate the requirements of both group of stakeholders in upgrading their skills in Food Safety requirements for market access for the EU.
  2. Regional Market Access using Food Safety Conference – to validate the findings of the training needs assessment and develop strategies including training and capacity building programmes to build the skills of these stakeholders
  3. Market Access Capacity Building programme for the CARIFORUM region for the following main stakeholders:
  • Quality Assurance Managers or Staff  from private sector enterprises: to decrease the cost of certification for companies that are in the process of certification or are planning to certify;
  • Services providers in the field of certification: to increase access by private sector companies to competent services on EU market access - EU Food Safety;
Status M&E and Closed [ From 2017-04-18]
Region Forum of the Caribbean Group of African, Caribbean
Project type Regional
Sector Strengthening Export-oriented services
SUB-SECTOR Strengthening of Export and Industrial Sectors
Applicant Caribbean Export Development Agency
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