PIPSO - Enhance trade capacities of Pacific Agribusiness and improve access to international markets

The Pacific region comprises of small economies faced with special disadvantages. Many economies have slow rates of economic growth, smaller markets and small private sectors. To address these challenges, one of the solutions put forth was to increase trade, regional collaboration and economic integration. This is to increase access to larger markets, access to skills labour, collaboration on transport links and pool efforts on marketing and promotion. To reduce dependence on large imports and increase revenue, the private sector is encouraged to produce more local products and export to New Zealand and Australia, the closest international markets. The project will contribute to improve the capacities of selected agribusiness in the Pacific region to overcome barriers to trade in regional and international markets and take advantage of existing exporting opportunities. The project will be implemented by a combination of training for trainers, coaching, mentoring and consultancy. In the first stages of the project, selected trainees will be trained on certification for agro-food products. PIPSO in collaboration with the project team will then select a list of motivated companies that will go through a series of training and consulting. The phase of SMEs selection is crucial. The actual implementation will include a number of visits from experts in which they check the progress, discuss problems and help companies to find their own specific solutions. In that manner the companies will be able to apply the content of the training on their situation; the role of the expert will be in principle limited to providing guidance and coaching.

Status M&E and Closed [ From 2017-04-26]
Region Pacific
Project type Regional
Sector Strengthening Export-oriented services
SUB-SECTOR Strengthening of Export and Industrial Sectors
Applicant Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation
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