Development of an Accreditation E-Learning Programme with AFRAC

Posted on: December 23, 2015


The TBT Programme in collaboration with the African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC) launched in August 2015 a project on the “Development and roll out of an Accreditation E-Learning Programme.

The project, implemented by Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB), leading firm, and The Economic and Technological Development Distance Learning Centre Foundation (CEDDET), will contribute to support the strengthening of an African network of accreditation bodies and the establishment of new national or multi-economy accreditation bodies. The main purpose is to develop, test and roll out a comprehensive e-learning programme aimed at supporting the development of AFRAC, African Accreditation Bodies as well as well as national focal points. 

So far, the project experts have finalized a reach-out phase to inform the AFRAC members of the initiative and to request co-operation in the development of communication material for the e-learning courses. The project team also performed an assessment and clarification of needs and expectations with the AFRAC Project Leader and AFRAC Chair in Pretoria, South Africa.

The team is now working on the finalization of Training Material in close liaison with AFRAC in order to optimize the content and to suit AFRAC’s expectations. The e-learning modules will typically consist of text content for learning the specific aspects required to understand the concepts.  The text content will be supported by the visual aids such as videos, graphics, practical examples, scenarios and evaluation. Once finalized, the e-learning modules will then be subjected to a testing-phase, which will include designated invitees to evaluate the modules for suitability and effectiveness. The testing phase will start on February 2016.


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