Horticulture Trade Enhancement and Certification in Rwanda

Posted on: December 07, 2015


On November 17, 2015, an Awareness Seminar on Global G.A.P was held in Kigali. The Seminar titled “Horticulture Trade Enhancement and Certification in Rwanda” was organized as a part of the TBT Programme and implemented by by a consortium of International Economics Consulting and IBF Consulting.

The workshop was attended by 45 participants, mainly Rwandan horticulture farmers, members of the Chamber of Agriculture, exporters, and representatives of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rwanda Agriculture Board, National Agriculture Export Board, Rwanda Standards Board, Rwanda Development Board and the Private Sector Federation (PSF).

The workshop intended to achieve two main objectives, namely, first to raise awareness on food safety and quality certification systems in Rwanda; and second, to secure the commitment of the agencies present for the HORTEC project implementation.

The CEO PSF made opening remarks, reiterating the organisation’s commitment to support the horticulture sector in their endeavours to increase the value of exports. The Director General of the Rwanda Agriculture Livestock Inspection Services (RALIS) made the keynote address on behalf of the Ministry of State for Agriculture

The Key Expert, Caroline Nkironte-Bongo took participants through the basics of Global GAP certification, the expectations that HORTEC has placed on participating farms and the objectives of the project. Government representatives were made aware of the need to mobilize resources to support successful certification, including co-investment with public sector agencies (RDB, NAEB), operationalizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for food safety and certification (MINAGRI RALIS being supported by Trademark East Africa under another EU project), the setting up of a Global GAP working group as is best practice in other countries and the establishment of a Certification Boardy (CB) to regulate farm policies etc. 

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