Strengthening Product Testing Laboratories in Nigeria

Posted on: December 21, 2015


The ACP-EU TBT Programme supported the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) through the design and implementation of a capacity building project on strengthening product testing Laboratories in Nigeria. The overall objective of this project is to enhance trade competitiveness and support the SON staff in delivering an improved service to economic operators.

The specific purposes of the project are two-fold, i.e. (a) to enhance the overall institutional capacity of SON in delivering technical assistance to SMEs; and (b) build the technical competence of SON laboratory staff in quality- related aspects of measurement uncertainty, validation of methods, quality control systems and sample preparation in order to be better prepared for accreditation.

SON is mandated by the Standards Organization of Nigeria Act to, inter alia, elaborate standards for products and services and to ensure compliance to such standards, where necessary, and to provide conformity assessment services all for the common good of economic development

This project has a very clear objective of assisting SMEs by developing appropriate Codes of Practices for processing specified agricultural products and to improve the readiness of SONs testing laboratories for accreditation.  The overall impact of these two objectives is to assist SMEs to add value to raw agricultural products and to increase the potential of export of a higher valued product thereby impacting positively on employment and on the economy.

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