WIPO Sub-Regional Seminar on the Dynamics of Intellectual Property Rights

Posted on: October 01, 2015


Expert on Technical Barriers to Trade of the ACP-EU TBT Programme took part in the WIPO seminar “The Dynamics of Intellectual Property Rights for the Countries of the Eastern Caribbean States” in St. George, Grenada on September 10-11, 2015. The World Intellectual Property Organisation is an important collaborative partner for the TBT Programme, as it provides technical assistance taking into account the priorities and special needs of developing countries, especially LDCs, oriented to the intellectual property issues. The scope of WIPO’s work is relevant for, and directly focused on the ACP counties. In that respect, projects on patent examination for the Caribbean are under elaboration by the TBT Programme. WIPO also provided some comments for the TORs of the contemplated project given its close collaboration with governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, WIPO works with multiple public and private sector stakeholders worldwide to help them realize the benefits of the intellectual property protection systems and encourage innovation and technical progress for the society.

The focus of the WIPO seminar was on promotion of intellectual property protection linked to the support of traditional and specific origin produced products. So, contribution of the Expert on Technical Barriers to Trade of the TBT Programme, Ms. Irina Kireeva was targeted at enhancing knowledge on EU experience in agricultural quality certification schemes and their benefits and interlinkage in addressing food safety and security problems. Another expert provided an overview of opportunities and challenges for Geographical Indication and Origin linked products and brands, as well as synergies with other IPRs, namely, Trademarks, Traditional Knowledge, and GIs. This event was also an opportunity to interact with participants from the public (IP officers) and private sector (producer associations of GIs – among them, Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association) on the role of the ACP-EU TBT Programme in supporting promotion and protection of intellectual property rights linked to the tradition, origin and specific quality. 

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