Botswana Bureau of Standards hosts validation National Quality Policy Workshop

Posted on: June 22, 2015


the Ministry of Trade and Industry has appointed the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) to facilitate and coordinate the development of the National Quality Policy (NQP). This move stems from the recognition that international principles on conformity assessment, regulatory framework and quality infrastructure, the nation of Botswana took an initiative to develop a framework that would define the national commitment towards future organization and management of a national regulatory and quality infrastructure in the country.

In February 2015, the ACP-EU TBT Programme launched a project, to support the drafting of the National Quality Policy in Botswana, strengthen its QI institutions and support economic operators/exporters to comply with WTO/TBT requirements. This eight-month project is being implemented by International Ecionomics in copepration with IBF. A validation seminar to review the draft NQP was held in Gaberone on May 29 and attended by key stakeholders.  

The seminar was opened by Mrs Masego Marubela, the CEO of BOBS, who gave a welcome speech to the participants, followed by a speech of Mr. John Taylor, of the EU Delegation in Botswana,. The keynote address was delivered by Deputy Permanent Secretary, Botswana Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) Mrs. Wamasego Senegelo.. During her speech, the Deputy Permanent Secretary stressed that the propsed policy should both recognise and support private sector initiatives on issues of quality. Project Team Leader, Mr. Martin Kellermann also spoke about the context of the NQP and presented in summary form its contents. The participants were given a number of key policy decisions to debate during the first breakout session whereas the second breakout session dealt with a range of other issues. Dr Sentsho, Policy Advisor for MTI closed the proceedings.

The proposed National Quality Policy is intended to:

  • To provide for overall coordination that would result in efficient service delivery by the National Quality Infrastructure;
  • Assist with the effective coordination between the various Ministries and their Agencies to ensure that the gaps and overlaps in the regulatory activities are minimized;
  • Complement existing policies that are implemented by various government agencies;
  • Facilitate Botswana’s compliance with international and regional protocols (WTO TBT Agreement), connecting the local policy environment with the country’s external obligations in effective manner;
  • Be an all-encompassing and coordinating framework which will define the government commitment towards quality; and
  • Recognize and support the private sector initiatives in issues of quality.
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