Capacity Building to Uganda National Bureau of Standard, WTO Notifications and Information Systems

Posted on: September 24, 2014


The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the existing capacity of the Ugandan Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) National Enquiry Point (NEP) to the World Trade Organization (WTO) i.e. the Ugandan National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) as well as other relevant national bodies to comply with WTO/TBT requirements. Specifically, the project aims at assisting the UNBS in the setting-up of effective WTO notifications information systems for proper management of domestic and third country notifications.

The first objectives of the project have been achieved through the following activities.

  • Firstly, visits were organised with stakeholders i.e. consultation and discussions with stakeholders, and collection of information on the notification process in Uganda. This has enabled a complete review of status and the identification of the weaknesses inherent in the TBT notification process by the UNBS.
  • Secondly, a comprehensive training on WTO/TBT notification procedures was implemented in order to strengthen the UNBS’s existing capacity and other relevant national bodies and stakeholders to comply with the WTO/TBT Agreement.
  • Thirdly, a follow-up on training activities was realised. This involved following up on efficiency of the notification process and creating further awareness on the importance of making notifications to the WTO.
  • Fourthly, the experts performed on-site capacity building in order to assess the existing regulations to be notified, and to strengthen the capacity of staff in using the Online Notification System (ONS).
  • Fifthly, the experts completed a feasibility study on the needs for a National TBT Information Management System. Finally, a one-day national workshop on WTO/TBT Agreement was organised to present the project key findings.

Finally, some good results and useful recommendations already emerge from the project such as: The knowledge enhancement of government ministries, regulatory authorities, business associations and practitioners in Uganda regarding requirements, process and benefits of implementing the TBT Agreement; an increased public and private sector engagement on the importance of coordination and building synergies to facilitate the implementation of the TBT Agreement. Lastly, the feasibility study for a national TBT information management system led to the recommendation for the creation of a web-based TBT information management system, which should enable information exchange among all TBT stakeholder institutions and practitioners.

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