3rd Steering Committee of the TBT Programme, Brussels

Posted on: November 10, 2014


The third Steering Committee meeting of the ACP-EU TBT Programme took place on the 23rd of October at the ACP House in Brussels. The meeting, presided over by Mrs. Helene Fiagan - Market Access Expert at the ACP Secretariat, included the participation of key Programme stakeholders such as: the European Commission (DEVCO), AESA, ACP Quality Infrastructure entities and the Permanent Delegation of the Pacific Islands Forum to the WTO.

Following the opening remarks by the Chair and the adoption of the agenda, The Programme coordinator and acting team leader, Ambassador Lingston Cumberbach introduced the presentation of PMU activities by congratulating Ambassador Servansing for the remarkable work carried out so far and by wishing him all the best in his new position. The positive results of the PMU in terms of demand of new projects and ability to commit most of the available funds were introduced together with the good geographical balance ensured by the currently 25 running projects.

A detailed description of programme activities was then provided by Mr. Giuliano Rosciglione, the PMU monitoring and quality assurance expert. The presentation included: i) a summary of selected running projects, ii) an overview of programme achievements under the first Programme Estimate as well as iii) an introduction to the key elements of the recently drafted second Programme Estimate giving indications on the future implementation strategy.

The general presentation of the Programme gave an opportunity to the different stakeholders and observer to make comments and remarks about the Programme and also about related actions in the sector. 

All the different positive feedbacks gave good signs to the PMU team to continue the efforts started since March 2013.


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