TBT Programme partner of the 2014 AFRIMETS Legal Metrology School

Posted on: November 04, 2014


The AFRIMETS Legal Metrology School training courses 2014 was officially launched on October 8th in Tunisia, where Mr. Bruno Doko represented the ACP-EU-TBT Programme, one of the implementing partners of the initiative. The concept of Metrology School is a unique concept, and the 2014 edition has attracted 87 participants originated from 37 countries (mainly from ACP region), and 16 legal metrologists/experts (e.g. trainers of trainers) from international organizations and advanced reference metrology institutions. The training courses contents included subjects ranging from the fundamentals of legal metrology, advanced topics, to site visits to enterprises (to witness applied legal metrology), and networking.

The AFRIMETS chairperson, Mr. Mourad Ben Hassine in his introduction speech expressed his contentment of the given opportunity to gathering relevant experts/specialists and a representative nucleus of legal metrology fields in ACP countries. He underlined the fact that the school will certainly be another chance to improve the intrinsic capacities of the legal metrology authorities in Africa.

Her Excellency Mrs Nejla Harrouch, Minister of Commerce and Crafts in Tunisia in her opening speech welcomed the participants, the international experts, and AFRIMETS expressing a warm thanks for having selected Tunisia for the event, exhorting the visitors to make use of the opportunity to explore the Tunisian expertise in the various metrology fields. Mr. Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento, Director, Trade Capacity Building Branch, UNIDO in his opening allocution on Metrology and Quality for Inclusive and sustainable development, had displayed UNIDO approach on Quality infrastructure, linking legal metrology to consumer needs. Mrs. Christin Kulgemeyer, Head of Technical Cooperation Africa and Middle East, PTB in her opening remarks displayed her organisations’ technical cooperation in metrology fields within Africa countries.

Mr. Doko (ACP-EU-TBT Programme) expressed his gratitude for the invitation to the 2014 AFRIMETS LMS followed by a brief presentation of the ACP-EU-TBT Programme. He underlined the importance of legal metrology in consumer daily life, and reiterated the objective the TBT Programme which is to support the participation of ACP member countries experts in ARIMETS events. For the 2014 edition, he said the TBT Programme has supported the participation of some 60 experts from the ACP countries, especially from Africa to benefit from this LMS training courses. He expressed the hope for continuous partnership with AFRIMETS for further Metrology School editions.

In their opening remarks Mr. Ian Dunmill, Asst. Director (OIML), and Dr. Andy Henson, Director, ILC Dept. (BIPM), expressed their gratitude for the invitation to participate in the event, and then provided the audience with a foretaste on legal metrology, and its significance for consumer safety, industrial innovation and technologies and provided the core technical contents of the AFRIMETS LMS 2014. Mr. Juan Pablo Davila, Programme officer, UNIDO gave an overview of the AFRIMETS legal metrology school 2014 with a thorough 10-day planning of the training courses.

The 2014 LMS edition is composed of oral sessions (PowerPoint presentations, case studies, ..), practical training sessions, exhibitions, visits (to industries, and exhibition sites), etc. was planned to last 10 days e.g. from 8 to 18 October, 2014. The LMS will focus on the balanced presentation of basic knowledge in legal metrology in theory and practice including field visits to enterprises to witness applied legal metrology. The training aims to bring together young metrologists from over 40 countries across Africa to learn from best international practice and exchange experiences of their countries. This Legal Metrology School is specially designed to introduce the basis and quality aspects of legal metrology to young African metrologists and to provide technical training addressing legal metrology requirements in the fields of mass, volume, length, gas, electricity and pre-packaged goods. It is designed for participants from developing economies and specifically for members of AFRIMETS.

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