Dominican Republic set the way to rearrangement of its pineapple producing sector

Posted on: August 19, 2014


During the month of July 2014, a group of officials from de Ministry of Agriculture, representatives of APROPIC, industrials form de pineapple sector, and organisations that offer consulting en Normalization and Inversion Commerce, have participated in the development of a Training of Trainers Programme. With a duration of 80 hours, including subjects such as: Access to the main markets of pineapple exportation (EU, USA), Quality Infrastructure in support of the value chain in the pineapple sector, Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Integrated handling of plagues, Private Norms with emphasis in Global GAP, documentation processes, Hygiene Operations Procedures, among others. The Programme is an initiative of the Center for Exportation and Inversion of Dominican Republic - CEI-RD- with de support of the project “Fortalecimiento de los Sistemas de Gestión de la Seguridad y la Calidad para los Productores de Piña con potencial Exportador en la República Dominicana” sponsored by the ACP-EU TBT Programme (htto://, to reinforce the technical capacities of dominican professionals.

The Partnership Agreement between the CARIFORUM member states and the European Union (EPA) begins with a new frame of relations between both regions; witch sets a challenge for Dominican Republic, due to the numerous EU requirements for the Dominican producers that wish to enter the european market. Among them, the fulfillment of strict standards of quality established through numerous directives and regulations, that make it necessary for the country to train qualified staff that supports the industrial sectors and other industrials that demand this type of orientation to fulfill all the requirements of the new exportation markets and the fulfillment of private certifications such as Global GAP.

The 19 participants have assumed the commitment to replicate the given information, to multiply the knowledge and give sustainability to this type of programmes.

The Programme of Training of Trainers started on the 14th of july and ended on the 1st of august. It is planed to develop a second phase of training activities with another EU initiative such as the COLEACP ( that will complete the first training part.

The training sessions has been developed through the expert Ana Patricia Soto, who benefits from more than 25 years of working experience in trade related subjects with emphasis in the TBT and SPS Agreements of the WTO, quality infrastructure and Quality Management systems, applied to the agricultural sector.

During the development of the Programme, special guests were invited such as: Ing. Karilyn Rodriguez form INDOCAL (Sistema Dominicano para la Calidad), Ing. Luis Peletier of IFIPA, Téofilo Suriel from Center for Agricultural and Forestry Development (CEDAF), Mr. Daniel Montes de Oca form de Ministry of Agriculture, who have contributed with their experiences and knowledge for the trainers team.

The Programme also included a phase, in which the trainers had the opportunity to visit the farm and packing, property of Mr. Emil Trueb, “Rancho Carlo”. This farm and packing is a Global GAP certified company and exports to the EU, to the US markets and to Israel.  During this visit the trainers had the opportunity to observe directly, many of the concepts and knowledge taught during the two weeks of training.

The TBT Programme wishes to thank all the people involved, and the trained participants team and motivate them to replicate all the newly acquired knowledge.

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