Capacity building for the Agency for Metrology and Quality Control, Benin

Posted on: April 02, 2014


The TBT Programme launches today, April 2nd 2014, a first capacity building project in Benin. Since 2009, Benin has hosted the National Agency for Metrology and Quality Control (ABMCQ), whose main mission is the implementation of a quality organization and test and calibration methods that meet national and international standards of the metrology sector. Thus the ABMCQ has to ensure recognition of the quality sector at national, regional and international levels in order to improve competitiveness and access to export markets.

This project is a real challenge for the TBT Programme as it represents not only the support of the Agency for Metrology and Quality Control of Benin but also the support one of the quality sector pillars of the ECOWAS sub-region.

This initiative is consistent with the Priority No. 1 of the TBT Programme namley: "Upgrading / building quality infrastructure institutions, specifically accreditation testing laboratories and preparation."

The main activities selected, in response to the expressed needs of ABMCQ, are scheduled as follows:

  • 6 -18 April 2014: Training of technicians at the ABMCQ in Quality Management Systems (QMS), training in the application of ISO 17025 and the quality approach in metrology, and preparation for accreditation
  • 12 - 23 May 2014: Training of 10 Experts ot the ABMCQ by LNE (in Paris) in the specific areas of metrology (weights, weighing, pressure, volume, and temperature)
  • 23 - 27 June 2014: Training of the Director of ABMCQ by LNE (in Paris)
  • Beginning in May 2014: Training Workshop of the QI institutions for compliance with the WTO TBT Agreement

This project also indicates the beginning of a collaboration between the TBT Programme and the French Laboratory of Metrology and Testing (LNE), a well established entity in the metrology sector.


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