14th Annual Meeting of the European Business Organisations, 23-25 June, Brussels

Posted on: June 26, 2014


The European Business Organisations (EBO) Worldwide Network invited the TBT Programme for its 14th Annual Meeting held in Brussels on the 23rd and 25th of June.

The EBO Worldwide Network, created in 2001 between representatives of EU business associations in non-EU countries and chambers of commerce, stands today as the sole network representing EU-wide business interests in Third Countries.

The main objective of this network is to promote exchanges of views between these associations and their host countries and to establish closer relationships between the Commission services and these organisations, raise awareness on EU policy priorities and activities and improve the market access for European business in third countries.

The growing network of European Business Organisations currently connects European business associations and chambers of commerce located in Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Moldova, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam.

More recently, ACP countries joined the EBO Worldwide Network such as Trinidad&Tobago and Ghana.  Following a strategy of expansion, the EBOs hope to welcome more ACP members in a near future such as Cabo Verde, Tanzania, Angola or Nigeria  and will then tend to include more presentations of ACP related tools and intruments dedicated to economic operators and private sector entities.

During this 14th annual EBO Global Meeting, only a few ACP members got to know the TBT Programme but we believe that, thanks to this new collaboration between the European Business Organisation and the TBT Programme, the information will be disseminated to a larger scale in a near future. 

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