COLEACP-TBT Programme: a concrete collaboration

Posted on: May 07, 2014


Since its founding 40 years ago as an association of companies trading in fruit and vegetables, COLEACP has evolved into an organisation that supports the development of sustainable agriculture in Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) countries. The association has been entrusted by the European Commission to manage two key development programmes, the PIP (Programme Initiatives Pesticides) and EDES programmes. COLEACP became, ahead of its time, a public-private partnership and is now a multi-service provider to the international fruit and vegetable industry covering R&D, market access, technical assistance, training, and lobbying, among others.

In 2013, the COLEACP has undertaken a new collaboration with the ACP-EU TBT Programme. The TBT Programme, financed under the 10th EDF, aims at strengthening the capacity of ACP countries and regions to influence and comply with Technical Barriers to Trade on external markets.

The common objective of both the TBT Programme and COLEACP is to support operators to overcome barriers to trade and comply with European regulations and standards. Within this context both entities recently agreed to join forces and increase their impact by formulating and implementing projects tackling SPS and TBT related issues.

Joint initiatives envisaged within this partnership will focus on sharing training methodologies and tools, common support to beneficiaries and communication actions. Particular attention will also be paid to support small-scale growers and to promote sustainable production practices for export and local markets.  

When the Centre for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) submitted a project request to the TBT programme, the opportunity was taken to put this collaboration into practice. The aim of the project is to design, develop and implement a Food Safety and Quality Management System for pineapple producers with exporting potential.

Project actions are focused on three main components:

  • An initial needs assessment of pineapple producers, exporters, associations and trade-related institutions
  • A series of Training of Trainers sessions that will be focused on the implementation of Food Safety and Export Quality Management Systems.
  • A specific support addressed to selected companies willing to implement an efficient and sustainable food safety and export quality management system.

Capacity building activities will involve the CEI-RD, the Pineapple Producer Association (APROPIC) as well as other relevant intermediary organisations and consultants in the fields of food safety and export promotion of pineapple products (traceability, access to markets, food quality and food safety, etc.). During its implementation, project achievements and details will be provided, hopefully showing the good results and greater impact of the joint work performed.  


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