Participation in the 24th CROSQ Council Meeting

Posted on: May 15, 2014


CROSQ  ( is the Caribbean regional inter-governmental organization established to facilitate the development of regional standards, promote the harmonization of metrology systems and support the sustainable production and trade of goods and services in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. In light of a possible collaboration, the CROSQ Secretariat has invited a representative of the ACP-EU TBT Programme to its 24th Council meeting that was held in Barbados on April 9th-11th 2014. 

The mission started on Monday April 7th and ended on Saturday April 12th , it was carried out by the Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation expert of the Programme – Giuliano Rosciglione and included 2 countries, Barbados, where the CROSQ meeting was held, and Trinidad. The main objective of the mission was to present the TBT programme, its characteristics and eligibility criteria to the participants of the 24th CROSQ council meeting and at the same time identify a series of possible areas of collaboration with CROSQ and other relevant organisation in the Caribbean Region.

As a matter of fact CROSQ is currently implementing a 10th EDF Project in the field of Technical Barriers to Trade in partnership with PTB from Germany and the Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL). The project, implemented by PTB, has many points in common with the ACP-EU TBT Programme and therefore the rapid definition of a collaboration framework was deemed necessary.

A first possible area of collaboration was already identified during the mission. CROSQ is going to promote a twinning programme where the Bureau of Standards of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica will take care of training the other NBSs of the region. During this intervention it is also foreseen to organise a series of secondment of staff in selected Bureau of Standards of Latin America and/or USA. The project was not entirely included in the CROSQ-PTB annual planning and there is therefore space for a synergic intervention of the two facilities. This collaborative approach was also discussed and presented during the joint meeting carried out at the EU Delegation premises in Barbados.

A series of possible partnership activities was also discussed with Caribbean Export Development Agency, mainly in the field of food safety and export promotion, as well as with GIZ.

The one-day outreach activity carried out in Trinidad and Tobago was a good occasion to introduce the programme to potential national beneficiaries. Additional follow up and support will be needed in the near future in order to support a number of selected organisations in the formulation of their requests.

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