Study Results of SADC-EU EPA TBT/SPS Provisions

Posted on: April 10, 2017


Presentation of the technical study on the SADC-EU EPA TBT/SPS Provisions took place in Brussels on 28 March at the Info Point of the EU Commission. One metric to underscore the value of the event was the fact that the presentation and discussion during a 2-hour event on TBT/SPS issues were engrossing. That is a testament not only to the professionalism of the Team of the PMU (Team Leader – Mr. Junior Lodge, presentation was made by the Expert in Technical Barriers to Trade – Ms. Irina Kireeva) but certainly active engagement of the SADC Missions, EU Commission (DG DEVCO – represented by Mr. Koen Rossel-Cambier), ACP Secretariat (represented by Ms. Christian Leong)  and other development partners present. Success of that event is indebted to the SADC Secretariat’s Ms. Boitumelo Sebonego for her initiative and strong ownership of the project and Ms. Mary Horvers at the EU Delegation in Gaborone for championing this TBT Programme-funded effort. 

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