Capacity Building for the Quality Infrastructure Institutions in Kenya

Posted on: February 17, 2016


In 2015, the TBT Programme launched the project titled “Capacity Building for the Quality Infrastructure Institutions of Kenya”, which objectives are enhancing of the WTO TBT and Trade Facilitation Agreements in Kenya among the quality infrastructures institutions; strengthening the existing capacity of KEBS in development and harmonization of regional standards within EAC countries and enhancing credible conformity assessment of KENAS; enhancing institutional capacity of KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards ) and KENAS (Kenya Accreditation Service) for delivering technical assistance on QMS for private sector in Kenya.

One of the specific project tasks was to train selected KENAS staff following the methodology Train Trainers in the field of Measurement of Uncertainty ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 and Method Validation for general testing, calibration and medical testing.

The project leading company, Prysma Calidad y Medio Ambiente, is supported by the Spanish Centre of Metrology, which provided high quality non-key experts for this specific training activity.

The two trainings were held during the month of February 2016. Each course lasted three days full time- and 38 participants attended the courses

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