PMU Participation in the 10th AFRIMETS General Assembly held in Egypt

Posted on: August 29, 2016


The Intra-Africa Metrology System (AFRIMETS) invited the TBT Programme to AFRIMETS’ 10th General Assembly and Meetings, held in July 2016 in Cairo, Egypt.

The event comprised a number of workshops on different subjects, including one on AFRIMETS sustainability. A number of working groups were also organized including on scientific and industrial inter-comparison technical committees as well as legal metrology groups. A meeting of the AFRIMETS Executive Committee was also held within the ambit of the 10th AFRIMETS General Assembly.

During the week, new and emerging topics were discussed and prioritised for implementation for the AFRIMETS’ Agenda towards 2020. Specific work plans and partnerships were among the issues discussed. The event provided an opportunity for the TBT Programme to gain an overview of the trends in African metrology and to assess its past and ongoing support with all African partners in a continental, regional and national basis.

Among Development Partners presentations during the event, UNIDO did share an impact evaluation of the Legal Metrology School held in Tunis in 2014, also supported by the TBT Programme. Observed positive outcomes show how relevant was TBT Programme’s support and how relevant is the newly launched project supporting AFRIMETS in partnership with CROSQ from the Caribbean region and OILM: E-learning Programme on Legal Metrology, which continues previous support in a more sustainable way.

The AFRAC members ended the 5th General Assembly by expressing their appreciation to the different partners present and among them the ACP-EU-TBT Programme, for its support of AFRIMETS and attendance at the 10th General Assembly Opening Ceremony and final resolutions. The AFRIMETS members look forward to their continued support.

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