Capacity building for the Quality Infrastructure Institutions of Kenya

Posted on: June 15, 2016


In March 2016, a new training course for the staff of KEBS (Kenyan Bureau of Standards) was organized under the project “Capacity building for the Quality Infrastructure Institutions of Kenya” facilitated by the ACP EU TBT Programme.

The scope of the training was to enhance the existing capacity of KEBS in development and harmonization of regional standards within EAC countries. The training of selected Private Sector Technical Committee members lasted five days and included a number of training sessions such as: Introduction to TBT standards; Legislation and Standardization; ISO IEC Guide 21; ISO IEC Guide 59; EAC Standards Procedures.

The beneficiaries participated with enthusiasm and evaluated the training as useful for their daily activity.

The results of the course were quite positive, both based on personal opinion of the Expert and also on Evaluation´s questionnaire of the participants. The training was as well as technical topics a good way to share daily best practices on Standardization between Kenya´s officers (most of the participants were KEBS´ Standardization officers) and the Expert based on the current situation in Kenya. The practical cases were useful and every day the presentations were modified based on interests showed by the participants in the meetings.  Over 90 people (23 on average per day) participated in the Capacity Building´s activities.

Regarding the key findings, one of the most important is the need of repeating this kind of trainings & technical assistance in the rest of EAS´ countries, especially those less developed (Burundi, Rwanda, etc.). What it was a general comment of the participants is the difficulties on Regional standardization activities at EAS because the low level on Standardization activities existing at regional level. It will be useful to repeat those capacity building´s activities in less developed countries in the area.

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