Launching of E-learning Programme on Accreditation

Posted on: October 25, 2016


In an increasingly competitive and challenging global market, it is imperative for Africa to fast-track the development of national and regional accreditation cooperation on the continent. For this purpose, African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC) was established to facilitate capacity building in accreditation, with the goal of securing international-based Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) among Accreditation Bodies (ABs). Within this framework, the TBT Programme in collaboration with the AFRAC launched in August 2015 a project on the “Development and roll out of an Accreditation E-Learning Programme” with the aim of sharing valuable knowledge and experience in a cost-effective manner.

This project has resulted in the development of an E-Learning Programme that brings together knowledge of all aspects relevant to Accreditation, Conformity Assessment and MRAs for Africa in one user-friendly, easily and freely accessible e-learning platform

The E-Learning Programme consists of six courses, which are designed in a systematic way to facilitate knowledge transfer in different aspects such as accreditation in international trade; introduction to the principles of ISO/IEC 17011; creation and management of a new accreditation body; National Accreditation Focal Points (NAFPs) training;  toolkit for accreditation preparation; peer evaluator training.

The E-Learning programme is a self-study programme, which allows learners to acquire knowledge and complete each course at their own pace.  Functionality has been provided for Course 2 to be used as a Virtual Classroom (VC) course should AFRAC have the resources and the need to conduct a VC training course in the future.  The programme provides ample information, reading material, quizzes and self-evaluations as well as video interviews. Upon successful completion of each course, learners receive a training certificate which may be essential as a pre-requisite for other courses and further AFRAC training.

The course material and the programme itself was evaluated throughout the project and upon completion of the courses by an AFRAC E-Learning Committee which was co-ordinated by the AFRAC Project Coordinator and by a Distance Review panel which was comprised of representatives of the various Accreditation Bodies that are members of AFRAC.  The course material and the E-Learning programme were well received by both the committee and review panel and recommendations and comments were taken into account wherever possible.

In conclusion, the project has successfully produced an E-Learning programme which will add significant value to AFRAC’s mission of facilitating the use of accreditation as a tool to supporting trade and industrial development, improving competitiveness of African products and enhancing the protection of the health and safety of the public and the environment. 

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