Posted on: November 08, 2013

The first Steering Committee (SC) of the ACP-EU TBT Programme was held at the ACP House on Tuesday October 29th 2013. The Committee was chaired by Mrs. Helene Fiagan - Head of Department, Sustainable Economic Development and Trade at the ACP Secretariat and included the active participation of the following key Programme stakeholders: ACP Secretariat, European Commission, DG DEVCO, DG TRADE, AESA representative(s), Representatives of the ACP Quality Infrastructure entities, Representatives of the Sub-regional Quality Infrastructure entities, TBT PMU Team.

The opening remarks speech was introduced by Mr. Denis Salord, Head of Unit at DG DEVCO dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa and ACP-wide regional programmes, who briefly described the characteristics and the importance of the ACP-EU TBT Programme and its ability to be rapidly set up. Mr Salord made also a few recommendations for a smooth Programme implementation such as: ensuring a coordination and collaboration with other existing or upcoming intra-ACP facilities; informing and involving the EU delegations; focusing project selection and promotion towards regional and continental interventions; ensuring coordination and synergies with programmes implemented by other donors.

Following the endorsement of these first remarks, Ambassador Servansing started the presentation of the activities carried out by the PMU during the first 6 months of implementation together with the related results achieved, mostly in terms of promotion, visibility and ability to attract new project ideas. The presentation ended with the description of the different axes over which the future implementation strategy will be mainly focused.

ACP Quality Infrastructure entities such as ARSO, AFRIMETS, AFRAC and CROSQ also had the opportunity to present their activity and implementation strategy, enabling a full and up-to-date comprehension of the quality sector for all the present stakeholders.

Finally, a series of comments were raised by the ACP Secretariat, the ACP Quality Infrastructure entities, the representatives of the Sub-regional Quality Infrastructure entities, before that Mrs. Helene Fiagan endorsed the first semi-annual report of the TBT Programme, recognized the success of the first 6 months implementation of the PMU and closed the meeting after more than four hours discussion.

- CROSQ Presentation>> download document

- AFRAC Presentation>> download document

- ARSO Presentation >> download document


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