Posted on: October 09, 2013

The 4th Open Day took place at ACP House in Brussels on October 30th 2013 and gathered more than 15 EU-funded programmes of the Sustainable Economic Development and Trade (SEDT) division of the ACP Secretariat.

Following the opening remarks of the Assistant Secretary General Mr Achille Bassilekin III and of Mr Denis Salord, Head of Unit at DG DEVCO dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa and ACP-wide regional programmes, emphasizing the efficiency of these Programmes in supporting ACP Member States and regions, the ACP EU TBT Programme presented its objectives; first achievements and future strategy, generating a high i

nterest among the participants.

A number of other Programmes, among which, The ACP MTS Programme (EUR 10 million), the Intra-ACP Programme to support the Global Climate Change Alliance (EUR 40 million), the ACP-E

U Microfinance Framework (EUR 15 million), ACPEU Energy Facility (EUR 200 million), and the Competitive Industries and Innovation Programme (EUR 20 million), also introduced their  strategy, activity and results.

Due to its sector specific nature, the TBT Programme has generated a special interest among the ACP states, raising various questions and requesting further information about implementation modalities and application procedures.

Draft Programme >> download document

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