Turn idea into projects

The PMU can assist beneficiaries to formulate first drafts of Applications. In order to start the process, here are below some preliminary steps that any beneficiary is invited to consider for their project formulation.  The PMU also encourages any beneficiary to engage into a preliminary contact with the TBT Programme team. Upon receipt of a first call, letter, fax or e-mail, a dedicated expert will be assigned to the file, and will guide you through the Application form. 

Step 1: Scope of your project     

What is your project general objective?  Does this objective relate to the TBT Programme scope of intervention?  Who are your target groups and the final beneficiaries of the proposed action?  Where do you want the project to be implemented?  What are the results you want to achieve?       

Step 2: Form of your project     

What is the proposed project content?  Is your project in line with one of the following examples?  One-off or periodical training sessions, seminars and workshops;  Capacity and institution building in national/regional organisations, Ministries and/or Departments;  Requests for trade experts for short or longer term periods to solve particular TBT-related issues;  Research and studies directly linked to the TBT Programme objectives and country needs.     For further assistance, the PMU encourages the applicants to consider the following questionnaire.  Click here to download the PDF.         

Step 3: Filling the request form      

You should complete the Request Form as fully as you can. Obligatory sections should be presented clearly and with detail, to allow the PMU to understand the project and ensure that the activities presented are the best solution to your need or problem.       If the project is approved for assistance, then the project description in the Application will also be the main source of guidance for the selection of expertise and for directing the project’s implementation.

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