1.   What are the area of actions of the TBT Programme ?

The ACP-EU TBT Programme main objective is to contribute to improved competitiveness in local, regional and export markets by enhancing the export capacity of economic operators in ACP countries, through:

Enhancement of the capacity of national, regional and continental quality infrastructure institutions ;
Improvement of the capacity of economic operators to comply with Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Procedures set by major trading partners in selected priority sectors ;
Dissemination of results and experiences to raise capabilities for providing mutual support at the intra-ACP level

2.    Can equipment be part of the requests for assistance ?

No equipment can be purchased through the programme; only the following activities can be funded:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Studies, reviews and regulatory impact assessments
  • Training
  • Twinning, mentoring and training via the EC’s and EU Member States’ QI and regulatoryoffices
  • Support to existing sectoral platforms for dialogue
  • Facilitation of exchange of experience and best practices

3.    What is the average duration of a project?

Projects are intended to be short-term technical interventions with an average duration ranging from 4 to 9 month.

4.    What are programme eligibly criteria?

Please see the section “How to apply” from our web site: http://www.acp-eu-tbt.org/page.cfm?title_page=Eligibility-criteria

5.    How to submit a request for assistance?

Please complete the Standard Request Form, which can be downloaded from our web site:
 Standard Request Form.

6.    Why is it important to link the project with existing initiative(s)?

It is crucial that projects are built upon existing development plans and/or strategies at national or regional level, in order to ensure and promote sustainability and ownership.

7.    Why is it important to mention in the request form any support provided by other donor(s)?

It is essential to relate the project to any other national or international organisations’ action in order to capitalise from their experience, create synergies and thus greater the project results and impact.

8.    Why the request needs to be signed by a legal representative of the beneficiary organisation?

Projects are demand driven and the full ownership and involvement of beneficiary is a pre-requisite for project success.

9.    What type of project is the TBT Programme currently funding?

Please see the project section from our web site

10. How to suscribe to the Programme Newsletter?

Please "register" from our web site home page 

11. What type of information should be included in the projects reports?

Each report and project related document should include the outcomes arisen from a discussion with the beneficiary. Please note that any scheduled acitity should previously be agrees with the beneficiary before submitting the final report to the PMU

12. Where can I find the project templates?

All our project templates are now available from our web site home page in the Toolbox.

13.    Where is the TBT Programme located?

The Programme Management Unit is based in Brussels, Avenue de Tervuren 32, box 31, 1040 Brussels

(Inside the Galerie du Cinquantenaire)


TBT Programme, Avenue de Tervuren 32, box 31 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium - Tel: +32-2 739 00 00 - Fax: +32-2 739 00 09 - e-mail: contact@acp-eu-tbt.org - www.acp-eu-tbt.org